Activities for Your First Time in Nice

Apr 17, 2015 by

Activities for Your First Time in Nice

The beach in Nice is one of the best in the world and can not missed during your first time to the city. But there is so much more to see and a smart traveler will make sure they have enough time to soak up vitamin D and explore the rest Nice has to offer. To help hasten the planning process, we have compiled a list of the top four activities to keep you entertained during the day and through the night as well.


Promenade des Anglais


Your first time in Nice has to begin with a stroll along the promenade. Known locally as La Prom, you’ll see bicyclists, baby strollers, and whole families enjoying this favorite local gathering spot. You can see skateboarders and inline skaters perfecting their craft in addition to the many events that are held during the year. Those wanting a lazy time can take a break in one of the many cabana’s and watch the day pass by on the Mediterranean.


The area around the promenade boasts some of the best hotels in Nice for those willing to spend a bit more for a great view. We recommend starting your search for a hotel in this area.


St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral


As you gaze at this Russian Orthodox Church, you may wonder what country you are in. Fear not, you’re still in France. This beautiful designed and built cathedral was built due to the generosity of Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II in 1912. The carvings, murals, and statues in the cathedral are worth paying the entrance fee as you’ll be surprised by how intricate and lovingly detailed they are. Don’t be surprised if you are hankering for a trip to Russia after a visit to this cathedral.


Le Vieux Nice


Old town, as it’s known by visitors to Nice, is a beautiful maze of narrow streets with intersections which boast churches, vibrant squares, restaurants and a variety of local shops. History is abundant in this part of town and many tours which can teach you more about this region’s historical importance. With the warm weather this region experiences much of the year, world-famous ice cream shops help keep tourists from overheating. The Cours Saleya is an open air market that is of particular amusement to many visitors and should not be missed.

Those seeking more of a nighttime adventure can explore this area after dark as many bars and nightclubs come to life.


French Pyramids


They are a bit of a drive from Nice but the French Pyramids are mystery structures of times past that should not be missed. While the exact origin is unknown, they are one of the few pyramids in Europe. What a nice way to explore this part of history without having to travel all the way to the deserts of Egypt or the jungles of Mexico.


This partly preserved ruin is a great example of human ingenuity. You’ll be amazed at the sheer size of the structures, especially considering no modern equipment was used to build them.


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How to Stay in Bangkok on a Budget

Apr 16, 2015 by

How to Stay in Bangkok on a Budget

So you’ve booked your trip to Bangkok and now you need to plan what to do, without breaking the bank. While some capital cities are expensive and outside the range of what some budget travelers can afford, Bangkok is not one of them. One of the best parts of this city is that there is so much to do for very little money. Take a look at our list below on how to save money on the five biggest travel expenses.




Finding a cheap place to stay is easy in Bangkok, but finding one that you won’t be sharing with 20+ other people – or even worse, cockroaches – is a bit harder. The best places to look are around Khao San Road. This is backpacker alley and a great place to start looking for a hotel in Bangkok. The smart travelers will head across the street to Soi Rambuttri. It is only a five-minute walk, at the most, but the hotels and hostels are cleaner, nicer and just as inexpensive. Plus, you won’t get hassled as much by the street vendors.


The atmosphere on Soi Rambuttri is very tranquil and relaxing. If you never want to leave this street, we wouldn’t be surprised.




Repeat this mantra, ‘street food is your friend.’ If you are looking to eat well but not deplete your wallet, the street food in Bangkok will help you succeed in this goal. Even better, the food is really good with options for all types of eaters, vegetarians included. Khao San Road is a good place to start looking for food. If the vendor has a line of customers, with some of them being local, you know you’ve picked a good spot.




There are many options for transport around the city. Cabs will be the most expensive and should be avoided. If you are looking to cover shorter distances with just a few people, a tuk  tuk is a great option. Hold on to your hat if you decide to get a moto-driver to speed you through the traffic congested streets.

Adventurous travelers can hitch a ride on one of the Chao Phraya River ferries or traverse along on the canal boats that many typical Thai locals take to get around.




Cheap entertainment is abundant in Bangkok, especially for those savvy enough to search the good activities out. Thailand has many festivals during the year, which brings celebrations to Bangkok. Timing your trip around one of the festivals is usually a good idea. Visiting the many Wat’s and temples around town is a great way for history and culture buffs to explore without spending too much.




Last but not least, those wanting to experience the fun-filled nightlife Bangkok is known for should head to Khao San Road. There are as many bars and clubs as there are types of travelers. You will be able to party and have fun until the sun comes up in this area. Look for places that have cheap buckets or 2 for 1 deals on drinks to keep your bar tab to a minimum.



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Free Things to do in London

Apr 3, 2015 by

Free Things to do in London

London is notorious for being an extremely expensive city to visit. But budget travelers, fear not! There is a multitude of free art galleries, historical sites, museums, and parks, enough to keep even the pickiest travelers entertained for their entire trip. Keep your budget in balance and check out the list below we have compiled of the top five free things to do in London.

National History Museum

This beautiful landmark building is a treasure trove of activities and fun exhibits for all types of travelers. Children with a love of fossils might never want to leave the Dinosaurs Gallery while those who have a fascination with science can take a self-guided tour through the state of the art Darwin Centre Cocoon to look at the many specimens on display. After all the fun you have at the National History Museum, you’ll be surprised that it didn’t put a dent in your wallet.

Queen’s House Greenwich

Built in the 1600’s, this grandiose building houses many reminders of times past. Visitors to the Queen’s House will be transported back in time while they walk among portraits of the kings and queens who have been associated with the house. Enthusiasts of modern artists will be kept busy while visiting the touring exhibits which rotate often. After a leisurely stroll through the ornate complex, you will feel like a royal. Don’t blame us if no one calls you “Your Majesty.”

Abbey Road

Music enthusiasts, especially Beatles fans, cannot afford to miss a photographic opportunity on this zebra printed road. Abbey Road recording studio was home to many famous musicians over the decades, including the Beatles in the 60’s. If you listen carefully, you might hear some up and coming artists playing in the area.

This vibrant area of town is a great place for travelers to find accommodations. If you are looking for some nice boutique hotels in London, this is the perfect area to search.

Changing of the Guard

If you’re looking for an example of British pomp and ceremony, the best display is at Buckingham Palace. The members of The Queen’s Guard are dressed in the iconic traditional red tunics and bearskin hats you’ve seen in many travel photos. The ceremony is truly an entertaining experience for all who witness the event, which is set to music. This free event should not be missed by any visitor to London.

If you’re looking for more activities in this area, the palace is just a few minutes walk to the Thames River. This is a bustling part of London which is ripe to explore.

Bushy Park

Travelers who are looking for some outdoor exposure should head over to Bushy Park for a nice stroll through the second largest royal park. This expansive complex is open for cycling and horseback riding if an active traveler is looking for a workout. Wildlife lovers will enjoy the 300+ local deer who call the park home, among the other animals in the area. Photographers, professional or amateur, can spend hours and still not capture all the beauty this park has to offer.

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The Fundamentals of Diversifying Your Portfolio

Mar 29, 2015 by

The Fundamentals of Diversifying Your Portfolio

A diversified portfolio is essential to protecting your investments. It’s a proactive strategy that you can use to determine investment correlations and build an effective strategy for managing future investments.


Understanding how to create a diverse portfolio ensures that you maximize your investment returns while having the peace of mind to move through any market highs or lows.


Why Diversify


No matter what transparency of information may be available to you, it’s simply not possible to determine how the markets will react.


A diversified portfolio can never provide a guarantee that you won’t incur any losses. But it does maintain a level of risk that protects your money over time. This includes careful consideration around your volatility tolerance and time horizon.


A diversified portfolio increases your returns for a given risk level despite what might occur to some of your investments.


A company like Nutmeg helps investors diversify the portfolios of investors by distributing funds throughout a range of assets and locations. This prevents the common mistake of investing in a few companies, which increases your risk.


Diversification works because it is rooted in the correlation concept of investing. This lets investors determine the relationships between two or more investments. Investments that increase (or decrease) together are said to have a high correlation.


Those with a low correlation are more diverse in their responses to external market conditions and are ideal for including in your portfolio.


Because they move in opposite directions, low-correlation investments in your portfolio increase your returns at a given risk level or reduce your risk altogether.


The first step to diversifying your portfolio is to identify those investments with tendencies to move in opposite directions.


How You Can Diversify


It’s important to spread your investments. You should avoid putting all of your money into a particular sector or stock. Consider those companies that you trust and have historically proven reliable and stable.


What products or services do you use in your own daily life? These are good places to look for healthy investments to include in your portfolio.


You should also avoid investing only one lump sum. Consider a regular and consistent investing schedule. This is done using dollar-cost averaging and lets you avoid some of the most sudden changes in the market.


When the price of a share drops, an investment’s value is at the mercy of the changes in that given company.


Using a service like Nutmeg reduces the risks by placing investors’ money into index funds and a variety of company shares. Bonds and stocks are also used to lower the risk even further.


Know the Cost of Investing


There are a number of fees that can accumulate in investing. Less-informed investors spend on unnecessary costs if they’re not careful.


Firms vary in their approaches to fees. Some may charge a fee for each transaction while another may charge you a fee once per month. In either case, you need to know what you are getting in exchange for the fees you’re paying.


You can find professional investment services like Nutmeg to help you diversify your portfolio and get the most out of your investments at minimal cost.


Investors and financial planners understand the importance of having a diversified portfolio. A strong market increases your returns dramatically—but for how long?


Having multiple investments with low correlation allows you to maximize your returns and minimize the risk of a sudden economic change. You’ll have more security to weather the tides of volatile markets and grow your assets over time.


For more information on how to build a strategy for a diverse portfolio, visit us on our website and let us answer your questions.

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A Guide to Your Weekend in Calgary

Mar 25, 2015 by

A Guide to Your Weekend in Calgary

If you’re looking for a great weekend trip, Calgary is your answer, no matter what type of traveler you are. This Gateway to the Rockies city is filled with art, culture, shopping, physical activities, and more. The hardest part is choosing what to do in only two days. We have come up with the essential activities to do during your weekend in this beautiful city. Check out our top five activities below.

Canada Olympic Park

This 1988 winter Olympic location is open for recreation and tourists alike. Wannabe Olympians are able to live their dreams out as they as the ski down these world-class slopes.  Depending on the time of year, adrenaline junkies can zip down the massive zip line while sports enthusiasts can check out the hall of fame. This park is dominated by the many options for physical activities, from hiking, biking, ice skating and more.

Edworthy Park

Just a short drive from downtown, where the best hotels in Calgary are located, is Edworth Park. This urban oasis is the perfect picnic spot for singles, couples, or families alike. The summer sun will kiss your skin as you sit on a bench overlooking the Bow River. This park is part of the Calgary Pathway network, which has over 125 km worth of trails. Fitness travelers will find a quick morning run through this area the perfect way to wake up.

Calgary Tower

Eat your heart out Seattle! The view from this even taller that the Space Needle free-standing tower will leave you speechless. The fearless traveler can take a walk across the glass floored observation deck and get a bird’s eye view of the city. Foodie travelers can grab a bite to eat in the revolving restaurant. If you can catch a cocktail at sunset, you won’t regret it! No matter what kind of traveler you are, the view from the top of downtown from Calgary Tower is a sight you can’t miss.

Creative Kids Museum

Families looking for a weekend away can’t miss all the fun and excitement of the Creative Kids museum. Tactile learners will be in heaven with all hands on entertainment available in the large building. This exclusively arts related museum will allow kids to sing their lungs out at the music exhibits, quote soliloquies like Shakespeare in the theater section and explore in the visual arts department too. There is no better way to sneak in an educational visit for your kids than a visit to this museum.

Mountain Adventures

It doesn’t matter what season it may be, the mountains surrounding Calgary have something to keep all travelers occupied. There are four ski slopes within a moderate driving distance from the city. All winter activities, from snowshoeing to skiing to sledding are available which means the family can find something fun to do. Summer hikes in the mountains will offer you stunning vistas of the Canadian Rockies. Even pets can run around and exert some extra energy while playing in the beautiful nature.

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